General Sales Condition


These general Sales Conditions cover products acquired through the website, belonging to Leontine Vintage SRL now referred to as “the owner”, in Milan (Italy) , via Plinio 43. Every purchase is subject to the provisions of DLgs. 185/99, DLgs. 206/05;the information used to finalize the contract is subject to art 12 of DLgs. 70/03 and to DLgs. 196/03 for matters pertaining to safeguarding privacy.


Sales contracts concerning the products sold on the website are considered binding when the client makes a purchase order and the owner accepts it. The owner will promptly send the customer acknowledgment of the order made. The customer, by sending the order electronically, states that they have read and understood the general conditions included in the contract and accepts an obligation to observe and respect them in their relations with the owner.

the owner gives notice according to art. 13 of DLgs 196/2003 that any personal or financial data acquired verbally or otherwise in during its commercial relations with the customer and supplied directly by the latter or in any other way through the activities of the company will be subject to processing in accordance with the aforementioned regulation, including the privacy obligations indicated therein. The abovementioned data is also covered by art. 7 DLgs. 196/2003.


The customer is obliged to carefully read the present general sales conditions before sending an order. By sending an order, the customer implies that they have read and accepted the conditions.


By sending an order online, the customer sends the owner a proposal to purchase the product or products in the shopping cart. When the customer makes an online order for the products in their shopping cart, the acknowledge that they will by them at the price and terms indicated in the general sales conditions.

the owner will confirm to the customer that the order has been accepted and carried out.

the owner does not accept orders:

If the material is not available in the warehouse when the order is made and/or
If the customer cannot or is not willing to pay using a credit card (Paypal).

The customer purchases the product, whose features are explained online in the relevant descriptive and technical sections, at the price therein specified, excluding delivery costs specified on the website. The final price of each selected product, the combined cost whenever more than one product has been selected, and the delivery charge for that order are all specified.

Once the order has been sent, the customer will receive an email from the owner confirming receipt of the order and containing the specifications of the product ordered, a detailed summary of the price, delivery costs, any taxes owed and the method of payment used, as well as information on the right of return, terms and conditions, and an explanation of the general conditions of the contract and the consumer’s right to return the product and how this right can be exercized. Following the approval of DL 4 July 2006 n. 223 “manovra bis” Art. 37 paragraphs 8 and 9, converted into law no. 248 on 4 August 2006, which took effect on 12 August 2006, it has once again become mandatory to list clients and suppliers in any invoice. DL 78 of 31 May 2010, converted into law no. 122 on 30 July 2010, has made it mandatory for customers to supply their self-employment number (PARTITA IVA) and tax code (CODICE FISCALE) in the required spaces on the website.


The customer can make any payments owed by choosing one of the following options.

Payment by credit card: Whenever the consumer intends to make a payment by credit card, they can insert its details using the form provided by the Stripe platform ( and offered directly on our website, which ensures that any data supplied by customers remains private. For any other information and other legal agreements please see the Stripe website at

Payment with PayPal. If the consumer intends to make the payment through his PayPal account, he can use the PayPal payment procedure, suitable to ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by customers. For any information and further Legal Agreements please refer the Customer to the website


The product ordered, along with the relevant invoice, is delivered by courier to the address supplied by the customer when they make the order online. Any specific requests must be made by the customer to the owner. Whenever the customer fails to supply the name of the recipient and the delivery is not made at the specified address, the courier will leave a note and will attempt the delivery a second time. If the customer fails once again to supply the name of a recipient for the goods at the address supplied, the goods will be returned to sender (the owner). Any resulting storage and transport fees will be charged to the customer.


Any products acquired on the website are subject to standard warranty. All products delivered conform to the characteristics specified on the website in the relative descriptive and technical sections.

the owner takes full responsibility for defects in the product which were present when the goods were delivered. For further details of the warranty please see the consumer code (d.lgs.206/05),


If the customer, for any reason, is not satisfied with their purchase on, they have the right to recede from the contract without incurring any penalty within 14 (fourteen) working days. The above mentioned period is considered to have started with the receipt of the goods. Any returns must be carried out by completing the relevant form on this website.

By the end of the above mentioned 14 day period, the goods must have been returned to the sender intact and in their original packaging. The customer is liable for any delivery costs involved in returning the goods.

Once the goods have been received and placed in the warehouse, they will be inspected, and in the case of damage or breakages the return will not be accepted. Whenever the return is accepted, the owner will reimburse the entire sum paid by the customer, with the exception of delivery charges.


Whenever the customer fails to make payment in full for any product, the owner reserves the right to dissolve the contract between it and the customer and to notify the customer of this by email, in accordance with article 1456 of the civil code.


For any complaints or questions, please contact us by writing to .

Customers will be contacted within 3 (three) working days from the date of the request.


The current contract is subject to Italian law.

Any legal disagreements over the present contract will be subject to mediation by the Mediation Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, and resolved using the abovementioned organization’s conciliation rules.

Whenever the parties intend to bring the case before the judicial authorities, the exclusive responsibility and location of any legal action brought by the customer under the auspices of the present guarantee or any other legal guarantee shall be the Tribunal of MILAN. In the eventuality of the owner winning a legal action, the other party will have to fully reimburse the owner all expenses, including legal fees and costs incurred by the owner in its defense.


Anything not expressly stated in the current contract is considered subject to current Italian law.