Leontine Vintage


Accessories are everything: this is the motto of Leontine Vintage.
We are a made in Italy brand that creates and produces hats, hair accessories, bags and other pieces in special drop handmade by master artisans. 
Hats and hairstyles are designed to be contemporary and standing out in a careful choice of fine fabrics and materials of highest quality and with a great attention to details.
Most of our pagliette, headbands, beanies and buckets are customizable with monograms or a mantra phrase.
We promote a tailor made philosophy that creates ties with customers who often become friends. 


Our mission is to make every woman sparkle in her own uniqueness with beautiful, high quality, tailor made accessories.
The design is 100 percent made in Italy. The inspiration is 100 percent made in Italy. Fabrics, straw and garments come from the heart of Italy, Tuscany and Marche, made by artisans who believe in a work that has its roots in the richness of Italian culture. 
That said, Leontine casts an eye on the future and every accessory has a contemporary attitude.
Leontine is attention to detail, tailoring, evolution, evocation of the past in a present way.


Our products are designed for everyone and can make anyone special. 
They are timeless, one of a kind, tailor made, often unrepeatable, customizable with initials and mantras. 
We use organic cotton, cellulose Acetate which is a derivative of fruit plants, it is biodegradable, compostable and super durable, Florentine straw and iraca palm straw.


We believe in our dreams.
We believe in creating a cohesive, vibrant community.
We believe in energy, channeled and fierce.
We believe in colors, in craftmas, in things made with care and love. 
We believe in producing less but perfectly made.

WHATS NEXT? We want to improve.
If you have any suggestion, please let us know: info@leontinevintage.com

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