Leontine Vintage redesigns the 2.0 charm d’antan

“I am a photoeditor with a milliner soul.
My adventure started at home with my mother Leila. Leontine Vintage stands for our unbreakable bond.
Leontine is the name I should have had before Eva was preferred. So, years later, I decided to give it to my collection of hats and accessories, that are unique and completely made in Italy.

Normally my collections combine my greatest passions: photography and design.
I like rummaging in tailorings and haberdasheries, finding out trimmings, lace and silk ribbons, starting from a remnant fabric or an evocative image to create something new, never seen, totally original.

Most of the time, the pieces by Leontine Vintage are one of a kind, unique and unrepeatable.
I create one or two accessories and then I change in a continuous review of the past.
Hats and hairstyles are designed and created to recover and enhance the style of the last century not only in shapes, but above all in the careful choice of fine fabrics and high quality materials and in the attention to details, aspects often neglected by mass production.

I love fabrics and milliner’s tools that are not easily accessible. With the cooperation of the craftmen from Tuscany (Florence) and Marche I make my hats choosing every detail (straw, weaving and brim’s width) with great care.

On my online store you will find boaters and turbans inspired by the 1930s, 1950s beads and Flapper girl 2.0 bands.

You can customize your boaters and beanies with your monogram or the mantra that represents you.
The tailor made philosophy requires time and collaboration with customers, but that’s what distinguishes me from others. And that’s why after a Leontine Vintage purchase it often follows another and then another.

Leontine Vintage is uniqueness, attention to details, tailoring, evolution, recall of the past in a contemporary key. Join us!