BACIAMI ANCORA – red straw hat with paillette mantra on the brim


MantraPaglietta: BACIAMI ANCORA
Women red straw hat with a glitter mantra on the brim.

HandMade in Italy


This hat is part of a capsule of accessories made by Leontine Vintage for Alessandro Enriquez’s SS21 collection . Hats, scrunchies, bows become a tribute to Italy through the Italian flag. A project of which we are proud and that we love.

From Repubblica Newspaper

“A brazen hymn to Italy, an Italy that recovers and transforms itself, starting again from Milan, ready to shine again thanks to the most powerful tool it has: love.”

And so here are clothes that play with energetic prints (such as the one with mandarins), symbolic (the one with the tricolor with phrases of love for the country) and dreamy (the sky print with balloons / tomatoes suspended in the clouds) that characterize the femininity of the fifties as the wide skirts with pleated duchesse or, alternatively, unisex as the long-sleeved shirts or Hawaiian trendy. An extremely fresh and smiling collection, thanks also to the accessories, developed in collaboration with Leontine Vintage: small straw bags in the shape of pineapple, piglet or heart, headbands, hats and hair bows that reflect the prints of the clothes, giving continuity to the whole.

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