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Bucket hat, cotton hat tie dye effect, sunset


Cotton fisherman hat, handmade with tie dye effect. One of kind
Sunset version, orange fuchsia
Made in Italy

Just as seafarers tie knots to go on adventures, Leontine Vintage and Memory’s, a made-in-Italy brand, have teamed up to create the perfect accessory for summer 2021 vacations.
The white Popeye-style bag is the hat par excellence of sailors around the world. Made of pure cotton, very thick and strictly white, it had an important function: to keep sailors’ heads cool and protected during the long sunny days spent offshore.
Produced in the eighties but never sold, Leontine & Memory’s hats have been rethought in a tie dye version. Colorful and extremely versatile, they can be worn with the brim up, just like Popeye, or down like a helmet to frame the eyes.

Retrieved from the warehouses of the Italian Navy, by Memory’s Ltd and twisted by Leontine Vintage, they are a virtuous example of sustainable fashion and reuse of valuable raw materials. They are unique pieces, each with its progressive number and the year of packaging.

Washed, sanitized, customized, they are versatile and unisex. Folded, they fit in a suitcase or in the smallest bag. When worn, they make even the most basic beach look unique. And when you look at them, you immediately feel like summer, sun, sea and adventure!

#sustainablefashion #reuse #reusetonotforget

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