Colombiano Fedora felt hat burgundy/burgundy


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Capsule collection made in collaboration with Mochila Milano and the Colombian Wayuu indigenous artisans.
Made in Italy wool Fedora felt hat available in three sizes 56/57/58, 4 colours and 8 pompons.

Burgundy colour version with burgundy pompons

    Leontine Vintage + Mochila Milano

    For the new collection A/I 17-18 Leontine Vintage’s made in Italy meets the mastery of Colombian craftswomen Wayuu.

    Located in the arid Guajira Peninsula straddling the Colombia border, on the Caribbean Sea coast, the Wayuu congregated in rancherias (a settlement made up of five or six houses) and are known for crafts such as multicolor bags, the mochilas. Characteristic for the fabrics are the decorating patterns inspired by nature and culture.

    Leontine Vintage asked the best Colombian craftswomen woven cotton chains and pompons to match woolen hats made in Florence.
    The result is a new collection that combines the sophistication and contemporaneity of the Italian cappelleria with the traditional Colombian folk tastes.

    Elegant lines of broad and soft woolen hats are embellished with sober (burgundy and chestnut) or pop (fuchsia and lime) accessories.